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Rosa Temple is the pseudonym of published author, Fran Clark.
To date, Fran has penned and self published four publications as Rosa Temple; Sleeping With Your Best Friend, Natalie’s Getting Married, Single by Christmas, Sleeping With Your Best Friend and Dear...Anybody?.
HQ Digital (Harper Collins) has published three books in Fran’s pseudonym, Rosa Temple. The first was Playing by the Rules in February 2017 followed by Playing Her Cards Right on 28th August 2017 and Playing for Keeps on 12th February 2018.
A mother of two, Fran is married to a musician and recently moved from London to Herefordshire. She spends her days creating characters and story lines while drinking herbal tea and eating chocolate biscuits. 



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New Blog!

So, after months of struggling with navigating the blog on my website, trying to seek help for the problems I was having with it and getting absolutely no support (or none that was much use) I decided to come back to good old faithful Blogger in order to share news with you. I have to admit, I'm not the most handy when it comes to technology (just ask my husband, or, as I like to refer to him, Customer Support). He'll tell you that hardly any IT knowledge I acquire stays in my memory or is of much good if it does. Thankfully, I can just about get my head around Blogger. So here I am! I'm excited to be back and I'm excited to be using a platform that seems relatively easy to someone like me. As I sit here, smugly applauding myself for managaing to post a blog post, I remember that I am in the middle of completing a draft of my latest novel to send to my agent. I can do without technical issues getting in the way. I knew that if I didn't get this sorted, I wou

It's 2021! - Already?

  Yes, I know, it's been quite a while since my last post. In my defence, 2020 was a hell of a year. People like me, whose main source of income disappears because of the pandemic, have had a very stressful time of it and blogging was one of the last things on my mind. That said, I have been keeping very busy, So, a quick recap. In 2020, I self-published a novel called, Dear ... Anybody? I was excited, as you might imagine, by having a new book out but because of my dreadful marketing skills, it kind of went into immediate obscurity, over-shadowed by the wealth of books coming out at a time when pushing new books was at an all time high, considering the numbers staying at home with a new book. How many books did you read in 2020 because you had more time on your hands? For my book, I have four 5 star reviews. I love the story. You might do, too, if you gave it a try :)  I also wrote another novel last year and this has gone off to my agent. She, in turn, has submitted the book to

Nature & Creativity!

If you have a blog and you're not blogging - your readers could start wondering what you're up to! But I have been really busy lately - I promise. Last time I blogged I talked about ploughing through the edits of my latest manuscript. I have now finished a further edit of that novel and sent it off to my agent. It was a relief to get it over to her. After that I needed to take a break from anything and everything creative. I needed to give my brain a good rest for a bit! So, I started going ham (does anyone say that any more?) with getting fresh air and taking some form of exercise every day. My Sunday walks have become longer and more speedy and it feels great not to be tied to the laptop for hours on end. The thing is, long walks and nature often lead to a meandering mind, which for me also leads to creative ideas. Mostly, for me, that means more writing! My brain is gearing itself up for another book. Don't get me wrong, I love to write. In fact, while wr